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So, who am I?

NYC studio founder, product launch & packaging expert,  marketer, entrepreneur, and creative director.

So, who am I?

NYC studio founder, product launch & packaging expert,  marketer, entrepreneur, and creative director.

Purely Parsons lash and hair serum cosmetic dropper bottle and box portfolio piece by Gina HerreraBlue Bee tulip skincare serum moisturizer cream jar and box portfolio piece by Gina Herrera

Here’s the rundown.

• I spent over 6 years in NYC at a fast-paced agency developing products and creating brands

• I originally started freelancing for fun, but ended up with more clients than expected and quickly built up a strong reputation as a branding, product, and packaging expert

• I hired my first business coach in September 2021 and quit my full-time job shortly after in October.

And then… after one eye-opening conversation with my coach… I suddenly realized a horrible thing

I still didn’t feel like I was really helping anyone

I was trying to sell extremely complex, expensive branding packages to people who hadn’t even validated their product yet.

I watched client after client struggle to get sales after launch, many of whom gave up. Their brand might have looked incredible, but because they were lacking a value proposition or other foundational marketing resources that were more crucial to the process, they weren’t able to get a foothold in saturated markets.

This led to the life-changing realization that instead of focusing on design deliverables and price tags, I needed to focus on results.

Once I came to this conclusion, I was up all night putting together new package options based on client experience level and product viability… and I sold the first iteration of my base package within 24 hours of creating it to the first person I pitched (check out Dillon’s review here!).

And just a few years later...

I’m now absolutely thrilled to be working with driven, ambitious entrepreneurs driven by the intention of creating a better world around them through strong foundational values such as sustainability, self-care, education, and physical and mental health.

Rather than trying to push deliverables that clients don’t truly need, instead I can now honestly say that I am providing ethical, financially responsible packages.My new approach is designed to provide the tools and resources that business owners need in order to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey, test for proof of concept, or uplevel their business when they have the sales to justify the investment - without the unnecessary agency markup.

Through this model, my goal is to help every person that crosses my path in some way to sell more of their products - whether it’s through freebies, a course, a consultation, or packaged services. I believe that there’s something to support everyone, regardless of what stage they are at in their journey.

- Gina Herrera
Moar Hair cosmetic oil serum bottle and box portfolio piece by Gina Herrera
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get to know me

Favorite season: Fall (Yes, I am totally one of those Ugg boots with leggings + pumpkin spice latte girls)

Go-To Takeout: Sushi

Myers Briggs: INTJ - Architect

Zodiac: Cancer sun • Gemini moon • Sagittarius rising

Currently Watching: Succession

Guilty Pleasure Show: 90-Day Fiance

When I’m Not Working, I Am: Hiking with my dogs

Favorite Products to Work With: Skincare + haircare

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