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ecommerce branding & marketing specialist
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Signature + Luxury-Inspired Fragrances
Elevated branding and packaging system for an upcoming influencer product launch collaboration
Oakcha came to me as a well-established ecommerce perfume company with a successful track record of over 7,000 five star reviews. They had been wanting to rework their branding and packaging for quite some time, and felt that their current assets were scattered, and lacking guidance and variety. In addition, we were coming up fast on a new product launch collaboration with a well-known influencer in the fragrance space, so everything had to be updated and modernized in time for the launch.
Oakcha was able to successfully launch their new scent, “Miss Girl” with content creator Paul Reacts, and now has an entirely new packaging system that reflects the caliber of their luxury fragrance line of replica scents. The assets provided also allowed them to update their product photography and website with a more upscale feel that reflects the quality of their extrait formulations.
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